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2017 - Ross Revenge Crew - Top 15's

In recognition of the hard work carried out by the Ross Revenge crew, the lead up to 2018 saw Radio Caroline dedicating three days of Top 15's for the crew's personal music choices. The shows were kindly put together by Roger Lovett - with the podcasts being uploaded by our very own Roland Beaney.

[27th December 2017] Music Choices By : Keith Stimpson | George Scullion | Nick Farrant | Jake Kaneen | Steve Swallow | Roger Tricker | Paul Brown

[28th December 2017] Music Choices By : Graham Coull | Mike Webb | David Noakes | George Johnson | Denis Sharp | Roland Beaney

[29th December 2017] Music Choices By : Wesley | Derek May | Mike Webb | Phil Meek | Peter Clayton |