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1985 Eurosiege

During August 1985 the British Department of Trade & Industry chartered the vessel Dioptric Surveyor, at a reported cost of £50,000 a month, to monitor the comings and goings of both Laser 558 and Radio Caroline.

Positioned in the Knock Deep between the MV Communicator and the Ross Revenge, it was the Dioptric Surveyors task to monitor and report on any vessels supplying the radio stations ... subsequently attempting to starve the stations out of existance.

Dubbed 'the spy ship' the Dipotric Surveyors surveillance was centered more on Laser than Caroline, however this didnt stop Laser making light of the situation with their daily Eurosiege updates. It was Laser's Charlie Wolff who coined the phrase Eurosiege and the regular updates on the situation that were broadcast from the Communicator