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Radio Caroline Processing Rack

During the AM broadcast years from 1983 to 1991 Radio Caroline broadcasted on a number of different frequencies from the Ross Revenge, using some of the most cutting edge transmission equipment available at the time.

In this section we look in detail at each of the three transmitter units - how they were configured not only for Radio Caroline but also for the shared space with Radio Monique - the origins of audio transmission and all of the additional components that were required for broadcasting from a ship.

Whilst the AM transmitting equipment is no longer in use, the impending Ofcom decision on Radio Caroline's AM license may hopefully see Radio Caroline return to AM broadcasting again, albeit land based. We live in hope that one day we will see the AM transmitters again fired up onboard the Ross Revenge.

Pictured left is the main processing rack which sits adjacent to the Ampliphase 50kW transmitter cabinet, complete with power supplies, Orban Optimod 9000A and Multimax processors.