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1991 Goodwin Sands

On the 19th November 1991, with her main anchor failed, the Ross Revenge found herself grounded on The Goodwin Sands, the notorious sandbanks located off the Kent coast. The crew immediately contacted Dover Coast Guard and within a few hours were airlifted by helicopter to RAF Manston.

03:30 - Ross Revenge grounded on Goodwin Sands

04:45 - Dover Harbour Board tug Dextrous deployed to rescue.

05:35 - Ramsgate lifeboat arrive at the request of Dover Harbour Board - Ross Revenge crew make contact.

06:58 - Ramsgate lifeboat runs aground on Goodwin Sands but manages to free herself.

06:57 - RAF Sea King helicopter winched all Ross Revenge crew off the ship and returned to RAF Manston.

The Dover tug Dextrous failed on the first two attempts at moving the Ross Revenge from the sandbanks but on the third high tide, on 21st November, the Ross was finally moved and towed back to the Eastern Docks at Dover.